Free XML Sitemap URL Extractor

Sitemap URL Extractor: Effortlessly extract URLs from XML sitemaps with a user-friendly and free online tool. Simply input your XML sitemap link to get a list of all the URLs in your sitemap.

NOTE: If you have separate sitemaps inside the main sitemap, input sub-sitemap URLs like:,,,

to extract URLs.

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Sitemap URL Extractor MiniImg's free XML Sitemap URL Extractor tool allows you to easily extract all URLs from a sitemap.xml file. Simply enter the URL of your sitemap and click "Extract URLs" to get a list of all the URLs in your sitemap. You can then download the list of URLs as a CSV file or copy it to your clipboard.

This tool is useful for a variety of purposes, including:

MiniImg's Sitemap URL Extractor is easy to use and completely free. Try it today!